“…places his client’s interest ahead of his own”

There are many realtors in Asheville to choose from; some good, some bad, and only a handful of great realtors. What makes a great realtor? In my opinion, it is honesty, diligence, efficiency, market knowledge, and working with someone who is tactful. Without hesitation I would say that Michael falls into the “great”
realtor category. Michael is proactive, and is the same person on Monday mornings as he is on Friday evenings. He places his client’s interest ahead of his own and you get the sense that “service first” is not just a sales pitch Michael uses to attract business, he lives and breaths putting his clients interest first. My wife and I appreciated his honesty, his work ethic, and his impeccable correspondence. If you are considering buying or selling property in Asheville, I would highly suggest that you minimally set up a meeting with Michael. Never once was Michael boastful and never once did he give the “used car sales pitch”. If you are like us, we wanted someone who would partner with us, who we could trust, and regardless of the situation would know had our best interest at heart.

— Justin W.