If you live in, or around Asheville, you probably like the outdoors. At least a little bit. But maybe there’s not enough time to go on extended trips. I have a fun, multi-sport idea for you!  While its still warm enough out, you can take a kayak, paddle board, or tubing trip down the French Broad River, while also getting in a bike ride too. 
 Bob, how is this possible, you may ask? Well, let me tell you. First thing to do is shuttle your bike to the take out. In this case it’s under the bridge, across from The Wedge Brewing. Then take your motorized vehicle to the put in, at Hominy Creek in West Asheville, where you begin the river portion. This stretch will take about an hour for boats and paddle boards, a bit longer for tubing. Then you can ride your bike back up the Asheville Greenway route to Hominy Creek and get to your vehicle. Either you can take your deflated inner tube or paddle board with you on the bike, or lock it up there and come back for it. Total time for the event can be about two and a half hours of fun in nature without ever leaving the city. Have fun and be safe out there everybody. 
  Until next time this has been a little bit of Bob. And if you need help buying or selling a house, or know someone who does, please give us at Porchlight Realty a call.